Manchester Road Case Study

Check out this video – it’s another rehab I have in the pipeline and I want to give you an update on what’s happening with it. This one is at 4034 Manchester Road – right in my rehabbing sweet spot.

Come with me as I see the house for the first time. We bought it for $32,000 and our rehab budget is $38,000, so we’re into it for $70,000. It has a huge backyard and is located across the street from a church and a school.

One of my first thoughts when I’m in the house? “You know what it smells like to me? It smells like money.”

As we go through I can see our rehab plan come together – new carpeting, remove the wood paneling and replace it with drywall, new windows and reface the fireplace in the living room. In this one, believe it or not there is a shower in the kitchen that we’ll remove (yes, a shower in the kitchen). We’ll gut and flip the kitchen, completely renovate the bathrooms and stick with our basic neutral rehab.

Right now, our selling price would be $139,900, so even if we sell it for around $130,000, our profit after everything is said and done will be $40,000-$55,000.

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