Mark Carmona Reveals How He Flipped 17 Houses

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Mark Carmona spent 27 years working in the non-profit sector. Then… he decided to get involved in real estate investing. Within 1.5 years of working with us here at Strategic Real Estate Coach Mark generated SEVENTEEN high-profit flips!

In the latest edition of Strategic Real Estate Coach radio, we sat down with Mark... to dive into some of the “SECRET INGREDIENTS” to his rapid success.

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5 comments on “Mark Carmona Reveals How He Flipped 17 Houses”

  1. Great video! Very motivated to move forward with my real estate project/s. Of course I will need a bit of assistance from your team at strategic real estate:-)
    Funding is the main issue at hand? I have a lot of energy and I'm very dedicated in being successful at this business!

    Thank you Josh!

    Dave Fitzgerald

  2. Yes I've been trying to do the same as your doing but my credit isn't good but my desire is very strong to stat this business please assist me in my passion I won't let you down