Massive Passive Cash Flow from AIRBNB

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By now everyone knows about AIRBNB, but is there a way that we as real estate investors can monetize it?

Well, there is now.

In the latest edition of Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio, I sat down with Brian Page, creator of the AIRBNB Formula, and interviewed him on his unique method and got him to explain how it all works.

He generates HEFTY monthly checks… from OTHER people’s properties! That’s the beauty of his AirBnB method. It allows him to collect HUGE chunks of passive income, every single month, without buying or selling ANY properties.

Because while he was on the love lock bridge in Paris with his wife…

While he admired snowy mountaintops in Switzerland…

While he visited the Taj Mahal in India…(He visited SIXTEEN countries last year.)

He pulled in MASSIVE passive cash flow.

Learn all about it by listening now.  You can watch the video below or listen on iTunes here.

If You would like the FREEDOM to travel the world… or do whatever else you want… while literally running a six-figure passive income business ENTIRELY from your smartphone… well, then I have GREAT NEWS!

Because right now, this week, Brian and I are hosting a FREE TRAINING CLASS… where he’ll walk you through his ENTIRE AirBNB EMPIRE method, step-by-step!

So if you want to learn how he does it, click here register for the AirBNB training.

Be Daring,

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3 comments on “Massive Passive Cash Flow from AIRBNB”

  1. Great presentation! I will attend the training Saturday morning..
    What a great idea and opportunity! Can't wait for it to start!
    I already know of some luxury property owners who I am sure will
    be very interested.. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  2. Question - You are saying in the video that the NET on one AIRBNB property could be $2500+/- per month for example.
    What is the average percentage NET profit split between the property owner and you (the marketer)?
    Thank you