How to Maximize Your Time and Energy

Real estate investing takes work, but it doesn't have to be an 80 hour a week job, (or even a 20 hour a week job).

If you don't have any kind of system that you use to optimize your time, your going to get bogged down with too many hours of work.

And the whole point of investing in real estate is to create time and financial freedom!  So you can do the things you really want to do with the people you really want to spend time with!

That's why I use a few strategies to systemize my productivity and make sure that I am staying on track to reach whatever goal I have in mind.

I put them all in this video that I recorded with my AV guy, it's called "9 Ways to Overcome Laziness, Procrastination and Distraction."

Check it out and make sure you take some notes.

These are strategies that other investors and entrepreneurs use to keep themselves on track and conquer their super high level objectives.

We also have a killer infographic that you can download here if you want to keep it on hand or print it out for your office.

Here is a quick list of all the techniques I talked about:

  1. Get an Accountability Partner

  2. A.C.E.R - Absolute Clarity of the End Result

  3. Take One Step

  4. Do it Imperfectly

  5. Study Under a Mentor

  6. R&D - Rip Off & Duplicate

  7. Mastermind

  8. Fun Reward

  9. Celebrate

Implementing these few things can skyrocket your productivity, so start today and let me know you results, I would love to hear from you!

If you want to take the first step toward financial and time freedom, you definitely need a system.  We created a system for making real estate investing your "side hustle," but you can also use the guide to optimize your existing real estate business by strategically systemizing everything.

Get the ultimate guide to creating time and financial freedom, "5 Simple Steps to Make Real Estate Investing Your Side Hustle: How to Invest in Real Estate Part Time" for FREE right now.



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  1. This is a Great way home in on new Investor's. Thank for straight forward, no-nonsense content. P.S like myself. Thx. J.C.

  2. 3and 4 on 9 ways to get moving #1 A.C.E.R. Accountability Partner sometimes I need a kick in pants