More Loss Mit Insider Secrets

By Josh Cantwell:

Do you want to know even more about what happens in a
Loss Mitigation Department at a nationwide lending
institution when you submit a short sale package?

Well, so do I! That's why I've convinced Jerami to
come back and do another call with me...
Tomorrow Night!

We got such a great response from the first call that
we did and so many follow up questions that I've
convinced Jerami to do another call with me to delve
even deeper into Loss Mitigation and REO Spreadsheets

Jerami is going to let us in on tons of insider secrets,
showing us how the bank compares a short sale to an
REO when a short sale package is submitted.

And of course much much more...

If you missed the first Loss Mit call or if you have
any unanswered questions about Loss Mitigation, then
you can't miss this call.

Seats will fill up fast, so be sure to register Now!
Space is limited.
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