Mortgage Rates Tip-Toe Higher, Housing Sales Remain Sluggish

For the second time in the last 12 weeks, rates for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage have tip-toed higher, now sitting at 4.35%. While yes, this is an increase, it doesn’t necessarily signal an upturn in the overall housing situation. In fact, home sales remain sluggish, and it’s not because of mortgage rates. The historically low rates are certainly attractive, but experts gauge that there are larger forces at work that is keeping people away from home buying. Unemployment is still sitting just below 10%, so people are more fearful of losing their paycheck. In addition, fears of not being able to sell their existing house, combined with a reluctance to take on additional debt, keeps people right where they are. So it’s not that people don’t want to go bargain shopping and take advantage of a true buyer’s market, it’s that they don’t want to take the risk in this economic climate. Even if mortgage rates climb to 6% or higher, it will still be an attractive rate, in the grand scheme of things.

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