Most Important Short Sale Event of the Year Happens Thursday Night

What's holding you back from starting, growing or making more money in your short sale investing business? I’d really like to know how I can help you.

I will answer all your most important questions and give you a bunch of brand new ideas on Thursday night at 7pm EST.
Check out now to see what’s up.

By now you know that short sale leads are everywhere and your marketing is sure to generate short sales. Are you taking advantage of those leads? Are you closing them consistently? Are you throwing them away?

Shame on you if you are…….
It doesn't matter where you are right now, tomorrow I’m going to help you get where you want to be – no strings attached, no pitch.

Join me for a “LIVE, STREAMING” MARATHON COACHING CALL at 7pm Eastern Thursday night (November 12th).

Here’s what you need to do next to get involved.
Go to:

And post your questions there.

Besides myself, I have lined up three other industry experts and we are hooking up at my office in Cleveland. We are joining up for what is sure to be the top training and coaching event of the year.


Here’s how it breaks down to benefit you.

Each of us has our own niche in the foreclosure and short sale business.

Jeff Watson – Top Short Sale Lawyer, Contract and Closing Expert.

Jerami King – Top Short Sale Negotiator with over 6,000 short sales under his belt

Bob Mittleman – Top Title Company that closes deal in almost every state

And ME – Top Short Sale Investor and Coach

Trust me – there is NOTHING you can possibly ask us that we won’t know about this business.


If you have a marketing question, it’s answered.

If you have a legal question, it’s answered.

If you have a negotiating question, it’s answered.

If you have a seller or buyer question, it’s answered.

Questions about banks, contracts, back to back closings, listings, they are all answered

All you have to do is ask the question. We’ll take care of you the rest of the way.


Here’s what you need to do next
Go to:

And post your questions there.

Then come back to that same page Thursday at 7pm EST. 4pm Pacific

I've lined up four of the brightest minds in the pre-foreclosure business to do this “no-holds-barred” marathon short sale coaching session and we will show you how to make money NOW with short sales. We will also dispel any mis-information you may have heard so you know exactly how to get deals closed.
This ONE TIME MARATHON COACHING CALL will not be repeated. You must be there. It won’t be recorded.
There has never been a time before when 4 of the industry's brightest short sale minds will be ready to coach you and take your questions with no strings attached.

Check out and post your questions.

Questions will be answered on a first come, first served basis and there's a bunch of them on there right now.
It all starts at 7pm Eastern and you can watch it all right here:

We're leaving no stone unturned.

Cancel all your other plans and be there tomorrow night. Tell your friends too.


P.S. Next week I’ll be releasing information on our High End Coaching and Mentoring Programs. You may have the opportunity to apply to be in our highest level coaching programs. There’s no way I can accept everyone into the program that will apply. That’s why it’s application only. More info on that later.

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