My Life in Real Estate - Ballash Road Case Study

In this video I am taking you to an actual HUD Wholesale home that I am closing on in just 2 days! As we drive to the house, I take you through the numbers and the process that I used to get this house at an incredible discount – 33% below the original listing price. I used the Secret Spreadsheet from the HUD Wholesaling System. Last time this house sold was 12 years ago, for about $137,000. I am buying it for $52,000 gross, will put in an additional $32,000 for the rehab costs and my projected profit will be at least $50,000 when we sell it in about 4 months.

I’ll walk you through the house, show you exactly what we’re going to do, and even share an alternate selling strategy that I would use if I were to sell it to a wholesaler – still making a great profit, but in a much shorter amount of time.

Take a look.

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