Navigating the Short Sale Jungle Replay and Digital Book Release

Good afternoon. Hope you had a great weekend.
I am sure you heard by now but Jeff Watson turned the real estate investing world on it’s ear with the release of his last special report “The Death Of The Land Trust” a little while back.
Now he’s at it again. Go to his new blog and get your copy of his free special report,   ”Navigating the Short Sale Jungle: How to Legally and Profitably Invest in Pre-Foreclosures in 2009.” The replay from Thursday’s training call is there too.
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You should know Jeff is not only a practicing attorney but also a very active real estate investor. He’s the go-to-guy other trainers call on when they have ANY questions regarding real estate investing law. It’s easy to see why Jeff is considered America’s Top Short Sale Attorney by his peers.
In this report you’ll discover…
>>>What “material facts” need to be disclosed to the seller and buyer to avoid fraud.
>>>What disclosures are REQUIRED and NOT REQUIRED to give to the end buyers lender.
>>>The “danger” of double escrows.
>>>How to completely eliminate potential “fraud” from your closings.
>>>What constitutes and “ARM’S LENGTH” transaction and how to avoid working in the “gray area.”
>>>Why every decision made by the foreclosing lender is driven by money and how to capitalize on their greed.
>>>The most misunderstood concept for realtors who do short sales: Fiduciary duty.
>>>How to avoid “conflicts of interest” to keep yourself out of a “sling” or the “SLAMMER.”
>>>Understanding the rules of negative equity and how to profit legally and ethically from it.
>>>Essential facts of bankruptcy: when they should and shouldn’t and how it can make or break your closings.
And much more!
When you grab this special report, be sure to check out Jeff’s new blog – it already has a ton of valuable information and articles you can access immediately. You just have to make me one promise. After you read Jeff’s new report, leave him a comment on his blog about the digital book. He wants your feedback on it.
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To your success,
Josh Cantwell
P.S. Jeff could easily sell this special report for at least $97 but it’s yours at no cost. Thousands have already downloaded the special report since just last Wednesday when it was released. What are you waiting for? Go. Go. Go…..
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