Ohio House Marketplace- Making tremendous progress

The Ohio marketplace is steadily making tremendous progress in establishing a solid foundation for a sustained, growing house sector. The number of homes sold across Ohio rose more than 12% in March, as the market posted gains in activity for the 21st consecutive month. Sales through the 1st qrtr of 2013 reached a 13.5% increase from the sales posted the same period a year ago. The average sales price (Jan- March) this year is a 5.7% increase from the mark set during the period a year ago. Total dollar volume this year is nearly $3.1 billion, a 19.9% increase from the 3-month mark of a year ago of nearly $2.6 billion.

This is a hopeful indication that the desire to attain the American Dream of homeownership remains strong among Ohioan’s.

OAR President Thomas J. Williams said that "Having so many of our individual markets record positives in a state as diverse as Ohio- with its unique of big urban markets and smaller, rural locales- is an indication that the Buckeye State is making a significant headway in its recovery effort."

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