Overcome Laziness & Procrastination in 2011 Replay

If you didn’t get a chance to join me and Jeff Watson live on Wednesday night’s webinar, check out the video, below. I love when Jeff and I can just get together and talk about these topics that are so important to us and share them with you. So what did we cover? We broke it down into three main topics:

1. 9 simple strategies to overcome laziness and procrastination and get more things done in less time in 2011.
2. 7 techniques to get leads in today’s unique real estate market. Not only that, but then how to profit from every lead that lands in your lap in 2011.
3. The 3 largest opportunities for real estate investors in 2011. We explained why short sale investing is just one area of real estate investing that we are focused on in 2011, there are two others! We’ll let you know where to spend your time for maximum reward.

Here’s my favorite part – EVERYONE who attended the webinar received a special holiday gift from me and Watson – a complimentary copy of the $147K Manuscript! If you were on the call, look for your copy in your email shortly.

We had an extra special surprise: 4 lucky attendees, chosen at random, will receive a copy of the Ultimate Short Sale System! Congratulations to:
• Kevin Maberry
• Jeff Chu
• Jon Washington
• Chris Macartney

We’ll be sending you access to the USSS via email.

Thanks to everyone who attended. Let me know what you think of this webinar by leaving me a comment. Are you ready to face 2011 head on?!


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