Phone Calls: Selling Real Estate

There are four types of calls that you may come across in the Real Estate business. Thus, you must have four scripts prepared to handle these calls accordingly. The reason for preparing scripts ahead of time for the different types of calls and conversations that may arise is to have control of the conversation. If you have control of the conversation, you'll be much more successful at attaining appointments.

Outbound calls are the calls that you and/or someone within your company make to attract possible leads.

Inbound calls are your calls that are coming in from customers responding to your ads, door hangers, and all other methods of advertisement that you use to attract buyers.

Unqualified calls are calls that are deemed bad leads. These are determined with skillful script usage through inbound and outbound calls.  You want to have a script prepared for calls that are not qualified to know how to go about ending the call quickly and gracefully, so as to not waste your time on the phone with them and miss out on a good lead.

Last, but not least: Listed House calls. These are calls from people whose homes are already on the market listed with another real estate agent. You really want to know what you’re doing and have carefully planned scripts when speaking to someone whose house is already up for sale. These may not always be a loss of your time because even though their property is listed, it may not stay on the market for very much longer. So, analyze these calls carefully.

Well-planned scripts help you stay on track towards successful business deals and keep wasted time to a minimum. So take the time to create them, review them, and use them.

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