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Q: How can we get a reply for this call? I was not able to write down when you mentioned it before. Thanks ... Osmany<br/>

A: the replay is on the SREC blog at www.strategicrealestatecoach.com under the “Determining Market Value: For Real Estate Investors” heading<br/><br/>

Q: Would if be possible for us to get a copy of this presentation? I do not have time to make notes of very important areas of the material. Thanks ... Osmany<br/>

A: the presentation is on the blog at www.strategicrealestatecoach.com under the “Determining Market Value: For Real Estate Investors” heading <br/><br/>

Q: Could you go over the 1st two objections? I have it all taken care of and my house is worth more? Thanks ... Osmany <br/>

A-    See the replay above <br/><br/>

Q: Can this be done without belly to belly presentation? <br/>

A: Yes you can do whatever you want however you want to go see the people in person as often as you can as you are more powerful of a persuader in person, aren't you? <br/><br/>

Q: How can we get the scripts for the objections and the closings? <br/>

A: it's all included in the course will tell you about that on the June 30th Tuesday night call at 8pm est. <br/><br/>

Q: How much does it cost? - Art farrington <br/>

A: will cover that on the next call, but since we're limiting it to 50 be sure and be there to get all the details. Sales Mastery for Short Sales will be launched Tuesday night at 9pm EST. go to www.salesmasteryforshortsales.com at 9pm EST to get all the details. <br/><br/>

Q: where can we get a set of the slide used on this webinar? <br/>

A: You can review this presentation at www.strategicrealestatecoach.com. The actual slides with the scripts will be released in the home study package, sales mastery for short sales,  as we'll discuss on the next webinar which is June 30th at 8pm est. You can also get the details when the program is launched which takes place June 30th at 9pm EST right after the webinar is over. Go to www.salesmasteryforshortsales.com at 9pm est June 30th in order to be one of the 1st 50 people/ <br/><br/>

Q: where is the "objection video?" <br/>

A: the objection video is available at www.salesmasteryforshortsales.com <br/><br/>

Q: I need help to better sell or negotiate with the HOA management companies, to bring down late fees. - Tony Watkin<br/>

A: The training you get in our sales mastery for short sales program will teach you the laws and principles of selling anything better. Like all other sales know that these management companies are made up of human beings who all have hot buttons. Find out what's important to them and show them that by cooperating with you they can get what they want. <br/><br/>

Q: how do you introduce yourself when you knock on a door in pre-foreclosure? - William sims <br/>

A:Hi are you today? My name is Dan Doran from nine day sale, are you Tony Watkins? He says yes I smile and reached out to shake his hand. Tony I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for some time. My company specializes in helping homeowners were having trouble with their mortgage and all my services are free to you and I’ll tell you all about that in just a minute, but first let me ask you this. Tony, what's your situation? Dan has a complete program that teaches everything you need to know about door-to-door marketing for pre-foreclosures. If you have any interest, e-mail me at josh@srecnow.com <br/><br/>

Q: Do you have a presentation to realtors that is designed to sell them and get them on board and answer any questions they have? - Norman Ho <br/>

A: yes we do and it will be included in our new course, sales mastery for short sales. Be sure to tune in next call to get all the details. <br/><br/>

Q: How do you find your short sale clients? - Randy Cox<br/>

A: There are dozens of techniques for finding sellers with short sale properties. Direct mail, Referrals, Cold Calling, Signs, Radio, TV, Internet, and many many others. Too many to go over here. <br/><br/>

Q: Can you use these techniques in other areas of real estate investing other than Short Sales...ie. land trusts and probate? - Concetta Germain <br/>

A: Absolutely and that's one of the big benefits of this program as it teaches you the principles and laws of selling that apply in every sales situation. <br/><br/>

Q: I am an agent.  i do short sales but i work too hard.  i need to switch as an investor..how do i get started? - Fatima Luza <br/>

A: Fatima. We have a course called the Short Sale Referral Magnet and we have a wonderfully popular coaching program. If you’d like more info on these programs please call 440-545-2073 and we can help you get started.<br/><br/>

Q: A follow up to my original question.  Will you provide all of the remaining objectives and the scripts that were not covered in tonight's presentation next week? - Gerald Sanders <br/>

A: All the 11 major objections are covered on the video and will be covered in even more detail in the Sales Mastery for Short Sales program . You can watch the video at www.salesmasteryforshortsales.com <br/><br/>

Q: My confidence is not with the homeowners to get the deal but what can you tell me to build my confidence with the loss mitigators.  I just don't feel I am getting good enough negotiations with the lender which is hindering my profits?? Suggestions? Any seminars on negotiations with the lenders??? What you'll learn in sales mastery for short sales will doesn't help you in negotiating with lenders? - Ghislaine N. <br/>

A: Sales mastery for Short Sales will help be you a better negotiator in every selling situation. If you ‘d like more info specifically regarding loss mitigation we have other programs for that specifically. Please contact my office at 440-545-2073. Thanks <br/><br/>

Q: What are the best sales words for doing short sales? - Suzay Grenis <br/>

A: the best sales words have been revelaed in the videos and additional content will be covered in even more detail in the Sales Mastery for Short Sales Program which will be released on June 30th at 9pm EST. but is limited to 50 people.<br/><br/>

Q: What is the response to BK chapter 7??? Mary, I understand.  Tell me why would you do that? My attorney told me it would stop the foreclosure. You’re right Mary, the BK does stop the foreclosure.  Let me ask you this, did your attorney mention that it only stops it for 2-3 months and then you’re right back into this same problem, aren’t you? Yes it’s true and once the BK runs it’s course, which takes about 3 months, the lender will be forced to continue the foreclosure process from where they left off. So you’ll have to sell to avoid the foreclosure. Mary you do want to avoid the foreclosure don’t you? Let me show you some better options, OK?

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