Raising capital through FHFA and Private Money for Real Estate Investing

I want to share with you a little tip I use to raise private money and further solidify relationships with my buyer and seller leads.

I’ll tell you how I leverage the free site FHFA.com to further relationships with my buyer and seller leads so I’m positioned as an expert in their eyes.

I’ll also tell you how I am able to raise private money for my deals straight from the mouth of my SEC lawyer.

You’ll also discover the free resources I use to compare housing price rends in 3 different areas. In other words, how I am able to compare housing price trends in Ohio vs. Phoenix and Dallas…for example.

Good stuff, so make sure you check out the podcast.


P.S. One more thing: don’t forget to give this podcast a 5 star review in iTunes if you feel this info was helpful. The podcast is only 19 minutes long so it won’t take up a lot of your time.

P.S. By the way, did I mention all these resources are free? Yet they could lead you toward doing more deals and raising more capital. You’ll also get to see which areas are recovering and which are slumping instantly.

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