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Let’s face some facts about real estate coaching.








Real estate coaching is all about prepping you to take massive action – the right kind of action to maximize the opportunity sitting right there in front of you. They say the universe rewards action, and for anyone with an ounce of entrepreneurial blood pumping through your veins, the temptation is to just dive in, all balls out, right off the bat. It is easy to get excited about the possibilities this opportunity holds. But also it can be challenging and intimidating to the person who is just starting out, because how do you know what you don’t know? When you consider getting real estate coaching you are bound to come up with some excuses not to do it.

  • You think you are too busy to schedule yet another obligation on your calendar.
  • The expense of hiring a coach isn’t in your budget.
  • Maybe you think you just don’t deserve a coach, that a coach is a benefit only for those already successful in the field.

Consider this: A coach could teach you time management and help you discover more efficient ways to use your daily 24 hours. Yes, there is an expense to hiring a coach but also realize their experience will help avoid costly mistakes and guide you toward success faster and more profitably than you could do on your own. Those are just two examples at how getting a coach will pay off. Those thoughts of not deserving a coach are the exact reason that you need a coach; find someone to help you build your confidence so you will have faith in yourself. Entering the field of real estate investing is very similar to training for any sport. You are going to need someone to help you map out a goal. Someone there to motivate you during times when it just seems too overwhelming is something that will help you through those tough times. Being held accountable for those goals will be what you need so you follow through on those plans. Together with your coach you will become a winning team. That said, real estate coaching is NOT for everyone. You still do the work. Your coach does not come equipped with a magic wand to make it happen for you. Probably a smart next step if you’re thinking about getting a coach would be to see what sorts of results other real estate coaching students have gotten.

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