Real Estate Coaching

The SREC V.I.P. Real Estate Coaching Program is one of the most successful in the real estate industry.

  • It is a chance for student investors to gain direct personal one on one access to Josh’s business and his expert investor coaches in the field.
  • This team will help grow your business and provide advice and guidance.
  • It is the premier way to stay on top of the rapidly changing world of real estate investing, including the legal changes!
  • SREC has 7 full time, high-end coaches.
  • Each coach is an investor first and foremost and a coach second.
  • Each coach has a minimum of 5 years buying and selling properties with an average of 9 years experience in the real estate industry, many with 20+ years experience.

Combined, the SREC coaches have bought and sold over 5,000+ properties and realized $52+ million in profits. SREC has coaching students all over the U.S. who are implementing SREC real estate investing strategies and building successful businesses. Their personal successes add to the student experience and help students climb the learning curve faster than they otherwise would.


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