How Real Estate Investing Saved My Life

Quick story for you.... you know 15 years ago, before I got in to real estate investing, I was a financial planner.  I thought I was helping my clients achieve financial security…, was I wrong…

What I really experienced was average Americans really struggling to save and make returns in the stock and mutual fund markets. I personally watched as millions of Americans were crushed by the stock market collapse of 2001 and the Great Recession of 2008.  Most Americans were wiped out.  TWICE in less than a decade!

I also noticed how the mutual fund companies, brokerage companies, IRA and life insurance companies all made their fees and commissions regardless of how their clients did.

I also quickly noticed that most of my most successful clients didn’t have most of their money in the stock market. They had their money in real estate investments. They were receiving passive income from their real estate holdings. So in 2004 I walked away from a 6 figure a year financial planning career to jump into real estate investing full time.

I had a lot of success with real estate right from the start using the systems I still use today.

I’ve closed over 1,000 deals in the last 13 years. Wholesaling, rehabbing, rentals, commercial, private lending. I’ve done and seen it all over 13 years.

But after I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011 and had to walk away from work for 7 months…(WOW that was a crazy experience)…..Man was I happy that I was all in on real estate. I was so happy that I had left that old job and was in real estate following my dreams because real estate is what provided for me and my family when I was sick and unable to work.

I was able to create passive income, do big flips and cash big deal checks in just a few hours a week while I was recovering from a major surgery.

And if I can do it while recovering from major surgery in the middle of a recession anyone can do it.

If you want to learn how to create passive income and close big deals and finally have the financial security you want for you and your family all you need is a proven system to follow.

Instead of grinding it out and creating your own real estate system thru trial and error…..join me for my new masterclass and I’ll teach you a step by step by step approach to real estate that will get you in a position to enjoy life again, sleep easy  and have that financial security you’ve been looking for.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you don’t need experience to get started (everyone starts with zero experience)
  • Why you don’t need a real estate license
  • Why you don’t need a lot of money in the bank (most deals can be done with little or no money at all)
  • How to find great deals without spending money on marketing
  • Why you don’t need any remodeling or construction experience
  • Why you don’t need funding at all for most deals
  • How to do the big game changing deals without using any of your own money
  • How to uncover the best deals using 7 free and super cheap acquisition strategies
  • How to get your first deal in the next 30 days or less

I look forward to seeing you on the class and helping you achieve your goals.

Grab a spot on the class before all the spots are gone.

Be Daring,


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2 comments on “How Real Estate Investing Saved My Life”

  1. You have a great story here! Real estate is not a short term investment plan. One of the benefits of investing in real estate include the appreciation of land over time. in other words, the property value will be worth way more 20 or 30 years from now. That is why investors are in it for the long run. Thanks for sharing your experience. I wish you more success in your business and success in spreading the good news.

    Cheers from The Legacy Team - Orlando Real Estate Agents