Real Estate Presentation: Bring It

Bringing out your personality in a presentation is a must - or you’ll just end up sounding boring and robotic - but you don’t want to completely rely on the sheer strength or charm of your personality to seal the deal. Pros practice and prepare. Try saying that ten times, fast. To impress a potential with your true professionalism, you really must practice and prepare, though.

The first step to take in your presentation is to discover your client’s hot button using the “Identify, Agitate, and Solve” technique (tip: money’s never emotional, so don’t focus on it – it won’t help you seal the deal).

You’re presentation should last at least an hour and a half. Don’t close early just because the seller wants you to hurry up. You need all of that precious time to identify their emotional hot buttons, agitate those buttons, and then provide them with your solution.

If you were to allow your presentation less time, you would be unable to carefully craft a compelling presentation targeting their emotional benefits. Taking all the time you need also decreases the chances of a seller feeling buyers’ remorse because it gives the meeting a sense of elevated importance when you take the time to explain everything they need to know in detail.

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