Referral Magnet Winner Announced and Case Study

And we recently gave away a Referral Magnet course to the best Referral Marketing strategy left as a comment on our blog.


Here are some other great ideas for center of influence marketing.

Use your Realtor to help collect a list of mortgage brokers in the area and then set up a seminar and power point presentation showing them how this system will work. - David Brown

In the past 3 months have been a learning experience and I can say that here in AZ - Ethics is HUGE for a lot of these Realtors. Some are so old school and unwilling to change they won’t even approach their broker to see if they will come on board and some are still so green that they run and tell their broker what we are doing and explain it as “flipping” so the first words out of their mouth are “NO”. The past 3 weeks we have been going directly to the DB of the office and meeting with them trying to get in front of all their agents at one time. Looks like this might happen in the next 2 weeks as the brokers are smart and know they just can’t rely on REO’s - heck some of their agents don’t even SHOW short sales anymore. In regards to Mortgage brokers - I showed this to my partner and we slapped ourselves in the faaace because we went about it wrong. We were simply asking for people that couldn’t be helped via refi or LM be sent our way - WRONG WAY… the WIIFM principal always stands. We immediately re/approached a bunch of MB and have appointments setup for today, tomorrow and all next week. Showing them how if just 4 referrals a month started to close how that snowballs not only on the front end of 1 point closed with the bank but these are all guys we talked to about finding no seasoning requirements and we said that if 1 out of every 4 closings funded with them how that would look. On the phone they loved it. - Eric Jones

Glad to see this strategy finally taking off Josh! I knew it was worth the extra mention and pushing… Folks, take it from me being in the mortgage industry and SREC coaching club, this strategy is extremely effective and will get you immediate, warm, qualified leads at no cost. You can exponentially grow your pipeline of deals by contacting mortgage brokers and loan officers… Now get after it and implement it! - Ali Kazmi

This method would have a little more cost(purchasing a list), but it would have maximum leverage. Create a one page flyer with a great headline, a few top benefits, and a call to action to check out a landing page. Then get a list of fax numbers for mortgage brokers in the area. Send a fax broacast out to the list and drive them to the landing page. Those brokers that would enter their information into the landing page would then be directed to an extensive, copy rich, benefit laden sales page that contains multiple testimonials/video testimonials of smiling brokers praising the service that you provide. The sales page could be selling a seminar, a webinar, a online training program or some combination of both. Once this was done then ea month you could send out a faxblast with updated copy/testimonials. - Craig Kraeger

The information was fantastic on the video. I have designed a flier that shows a casket with the words dead leads on it. Then beside it it has flowers blooming with all the different way the mortgage folks can make money that you have explained to us in the video. I am excited to see how this works. I always enjoy your videos and the information that I learn from them. - Marsha McKinney

Great video and article. My comment and idea is for everyone to create a website that is setup for your referrals (mortgage brokers and realtors) that explains exactly what you do and how you can help them. Create a squeeze page that captures their attention then once you have the email send to your training site with complete details on how to start submitting leads. If you set this up correctly you will never spend another dime on marketing and have more leads than you can handle. Hope this helps! - Kevin Hicks

Great video. I look forward to implementing these techniques and getting more deals from mortgage brokers. A lot of realtors I’ve talked to do have problems with referring because of their fiduciary obligations. It’s good to know that mortgage brokers don’t have those same issues. - Norman Ho

I really appreciate hearing this concept from you. It’s so simple that I never thought of it! It would be a no brainer for me since I am or I was a mortgage broker. What is the cost of the referral marketing course? As usual, your content is beyond killer. I can’t thank you enough! - Harold

Thanks Again and have a great Memorial Day weekend!
- Josh Cantwell

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