Residential and commercial short sales completely different?

So I sort of expected this. Jeff Watson did a webinar last night and since then he and I have been getting emails left and right about this one subject. Here it is:

“So Josh and Jeff, aren’t commercial and residential short sales and foreclosures all the same? Can’t I just use the great stuff I have learned from you guys about residential and apply it to commercial?”

 Short answer: NO!

So the process of short selling, buying and flipping OR buying and keeping an apartment complex, self-storage unit or office building is a complete 180’ (opposite) of residential foreclosures.

Because the two are so different I want you to join me for one of these SUPER SPECIAL WEBINARS that I will be hosting on Wednesday May 12 at 8:30pm EDT and Thursday May 13 at 8:30pm EDT – where DC, Karen and I walk you through, point-by-point, how to get in on this ground-breaking opportunity so you can get in on the profits just waiting to be had…

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The commercial short sale and foreclosure game is completely different from residential. Here are the reasons why:

  • Banks don’t negotiate the same way with commercial.
  • Banks look at rent rolls in commercial short sales, not “comps” like residential.
  • There is no such thing as comps in commercial really.
  • Banks don’t finance commercial the same way as residential. It’s way more creative.
  • Banks don’t even foreclose the same way in commercial as residential.
  • Most commercial foreclosures don’t show up on the Notice of Default list.
  • Locating the owner of a building is much different then locating a homeowner is default.  
  • Plus a bunch of other reasons I will explain on the call…..

I PERSONALLY want to walk you through the differences between residential and commercial short sales and foreclosures and show you the profit-making process with my friends and commercial foreclosure heavy-hitters, DC Fawcett and Karen Hanover use to land these deals…

You just need to have the RIGHT INFORMATION and KNOW HOW TO USE IT. We will give it to you.

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On the webinar I will show you why investing in commercial is a MUST along with your residential business. Here’s why...

  • Commercial deals are ALL done with creative financing.
  • Commercial deals are easy to find when you search by “delinquent property taxes.”
  • Banks are begging investors to take these deals off their hands and need investors to buy them.
  • ALL COMMERICIAL properties are owned by INVESTORS. The banks are used to dealing with us on commercial buildings. They need us and want us to buy their bad assets.
  • You can do these deals with no money down.
  • Banks don’t care about your credit because the building rent roll takes care of the mortgage payments, NOT your current income.
  • The banks don’t expect YOU to be able to afford the mortgage on a $3 million building.
  • They structure the deal so the building takes care of itself.
  • The government offers tax credits and subsidies to investors who buy commercial buildings.

DC told me this offer is a once in a lifetime thing and will definitely take the program away in the next 48 hours. Get the training while you still can.

P.S. DC and Karen opened their vault of secrets yesterday for you – It’s an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY, check it out now!

P.P.S. If you’re skeptical about just how easy everyone is making this sound, join me on the informational Webinar and I will set the record straight.

 Take a minute and register for the Wednesday 8:30pm EDT Webinar here.

 Or register for the Thursday 8:30pm EDT Webinar here.

I’ll also explain our bonuses you get when you reserve your spot in the Commercial Goldrush System.

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