School is in Session!

I'm so stoked... after months of planning and preparation, the doors to the Foreclosure Academy officially opened this morning! We're off to a tremendous start, with close to 200 investors in attendance. The really cool thing is that we have a great mix of seasoned, very experienced investors and brand new investors, just starting their real estate investing adventure.

I love these situations because this is one of the best environments for learning and sharing ideas. It's a chance when everyone gets to learn from each other, and add their own perspectives to the things that we are presenting on stage.

I started the day by talking about B.L.D. - Business & Lifestyle Design. It's a way to design your future and meet your goals and dreams. It means no more running on random! It's determining how you would spend your Ideal Average Day (IAD) and then working to meet that IAD - how would you ideally wake up in the morning? How would you spend your work day? How much would you work, and what kind of work would it be?

It's learning that you have control over your life - and through planning, goals and the right tools, you can get there.

It's about having ACER - Absolute Clarity of the End Result - just think about how much more fulfilling your life would be if you could live your ideal day everyday!

There are three things to keep in mind to reach your end result:

  • Work with a great coach or mentor to help you get to where you want to be.
  • Find people in your local area that you can Mastermind with.
  • Do some R&D - ripoff and duplicate what others have done - don't reinvent the wheel. Learn to do something and do it well, and you'll follow a path to success.

Time for me to get back on stage, but keep checking here for more updates throughout the weekend.

Until then!


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