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The short sale business is just complex enough to scare a lot of people away and send them running to something much less profitable.

There’s a lot of so-called “gurus” out there trying to sell you their products. But do you really want to invest your hard-earned money with these guys:

  • The Lone Guru – Basically a “One Man Show” (or woman) with one support person in the background. This guru can’t handle the volume of new information that is out there, and can’t focus on the details.
  • The Mass-Marketing Gurus – These gurus know how to sell, but not necessarily succeed at investing. They have a call-center full of people willing to take your payments, but don’t have the knowledge or experience to guide you through real deals.

We’re the REAL DEAL. We are ACTUAL real estate investors. We pride ourselves on our mentorship program, which gives our coaching students an opportunity to learn from our best mentors, and work towards becoming mentors themselves!

There is no better place to get your real estate education.

We have the tools, the mentorship, the legal support and a super team of dedicated real estate investors, just waiting to share all this with you!

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