**Second Notice** 72% sold out…

After last night’s amazing training where we announced the opening of Sales Mastery for Short Sales we were flooded with reservations for this interactive 4-week coaching program.


In this exclusive program Dan and I are 100% committed to your success in closing MORE short sale deals. This program includes…

***PROVEN Scripts and Presentations: We GIVE you the same scripts and presentations we’ve perfected over the years to make millions in real estate. And in the 4-weeks we tell you what to say and exactly HOW to say it. (No more guess work or flying by the seat of your pants.)

*** UNLIMITED email access to Dan DIRECTELY. Get answers to all your questions on sales, closing, negotiations and anything else real estate investing related.

*** The BOTH of us will train your ENTIRE TEAM: Bring your staff, assistant, spouse, business partners, even real estate agents your work with to sit in on the calls and discover how to set more appointments and increase your closing ratios.

*** ZERO RISK: The risk is all on us so we’re sure to deliver. You can go through the entire program (the full 30-days), use our strategies in your business to get MORE deals and only then decide if it was worth your investment or get 100% of your money back.

I should tell you this is an ADVANCED training – for serious players only. If you don’t have a few deals in your funnel this may not be for you. On the other hand if you’re a new investor and start getting leads -- 30-days from now you may regret not knowing what we teach in this program. Good thing you have 30-days to review and implement the program for yourself before making your final decision!

Because of the exclusive access you get to me and Dan during the entire 4-weeks we’ve limited this program to only 50 primary participants (and their staff.)

When I checked after last night’s call there were only about 14 spots left.

Time is running out! You have to act now. Once we reach the limit we close the doors – which could be by the END OF THE DAY TODAY!

Don’t miss out…


To your Sales Success,

Josh Cantwell.

P.S. We stand by this program so in addition to the 100% money back NO-RISK guarantee where you can go through the ENTIRE coaching program for 30-days and only THEN make your final decision if it’s right for you… you can keep the $11K in bonuses just for giving it an honest try.

Get the details here…


P.P.S. If you’re a Gold, Diamond, Platinum, or Masters-Elite coaching student you get an additional discount. You should have received a coupon code. If not call MIKE at our office at 440-545-2340.

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