Sell Real Estate with the Right Mind-Set

Preparing yourself mentally to meet with clients sets you up for success. Keep your thought processes positive and focused. Go over any notes you made while conversing with the client on the phone. Keep in mind that you are trying to figure out why they are selling their home so that you can use their motivation to your benefit. Some things you should go over in your pre-call thought processes are:

  • Their family structure
  • Their background and job history
  • Who are the decision makers? They are your key leverage. You should focus on their reasons for selling the property and use those hot-buttons to show them that it is in their best interest to sell their home to you.
  • Determine what they plan to do after they sell. Rent? Move to another house?
  • Make sure they really want to sell and aren’t just making a superficial effort, but deep down really want to stay.
  • Are their emotions elevated to a high stressful level due to divorce, relocation, sickness, death, or work?
  • Why are they selling, and what made them choose this specific time to sell?
  • What are their other reasons for selling that they may not mention to you like disagreeable neighbors, starting over, evading foreclosure, or saving their credit?
  • What scripts will be the most useful to use with the client?
  • What exit strategy will you plan to use? Buy & quickturn? Buy & hold? Buy, fix, & flip?
  • Be ready for questions they may propose to you, like how you make your money.
  • Know what objections they may be likely to have, like a 1099 / Deficiency Judgment, wanting to sell with a realtor, or bankruptcy and know how to answer them.

Anticipating the questions you will need to ask your clients during appointments and what questions they may ask you will ensure that you don’t get flustered by an unexpected question and lose confidence by not knowing how to answer it. So, use a pre-call checklist, and stay relaxed and assured to seal the deal.

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