Sell, Sell, Sell! (Show Your Real Estate Credibility)

You want to always have more than enough proof of your credibility because credibility is a huge factor in booking appointments with good leads and achieving successful closings. So, put together a sort of easy-access kit, if you will, to show prospects your proof of credibility. Make the kit organized so your client can clearly see all of the important details. Don’t try to use it as your sales pitch, get your proof of credibility in their hands or email inbox before you set-up any kind of appointment. This will excite potentials and make them eager to book a meeting with you. It will also get you more referrals as they show their family and friends and compare you with your competitors. Additionally, it greatly reduces any chances of buyer’s remorse because it reinforces their excellent judgment in choosing you. Things you want to have in your credibility kit:

  • Business cards, brochures, and such
  • Your website address, which must always be organized and up-to-date or will you lose credibility
  • Articles pertaining to the real estate market in the area
  • Proof of corporation
  • Before and after pictures of remodeling you have done or participated in
  • Case studies of properties that you have discounted mortgages for
  • Financial references
  • Testimonials
  • PR items (if you have none, you need to get some)
  • Examples of problems you have solved (target emotions of security and happier lives with these examples)
  • Proof of your belonging to the Better Business Bureau

Testimonials are a key part of proving your credibility. You want the testimonials you show to focus on feelings and emotions rather than reason and logic because most of the decisions people make are based on emotions, whether we realize or not. If you haven’t gotten testimonials of your own yet, show testimonials of people you have worked with like your colleagues or attorney, while you start to gather your own.

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