Selling Yourself

So in yesterday’s post, I talk briefly about being “in the moment” and why that’s important in a sales situation.

Remember, even though you don’t think you’re selling anything, you are . . . you’re selling YOURSELF!  Think about it . . .if you wanted an easy business you could’ve made pizzas or subs . . . get the dough, add some cheese and salami, stick it in the oven, and you’re done.

In real estate, each week brings a whole new world of regulations, guidelines, financial issues, etc.  You need to be able to be able to be a source of assurance for all involved.  Remember how baffled you were by all the paperwork on your first home? Or how about that first year when you were trying to make sense of the real estate landscape?

The types of transactions that SREC teaches are sophisticated and somewhat confusing, and it takes even experience real estate professionals time to get their minds wrapped around it.

The point?  You’re selling stability, smarts, know how, and success that YOU have to get the deal done.  To do this you need to not only develop hard skills about the mechanics of the transaction, you need to have the soft skills necessary for effectively working with all types of people.

That’s what Sales Master is all about.  When I first dreamed up this project, I thought it would be a simple collaboration of two experienced businessmen and that we’d nail a good program.  What I didn’t count on, and I should have knowing Dan’s work, were all the things I was going to learn.  I was told once in school that it’s hard to know what you don’t know, and I know that this course will open your eyes just like it opened mine.

Like anything else, we’ve built this program using a five point structure to act as guidelines for different stages of the sales process –– all of it resting on the bedrock of  the Seven Laws and 21 Principles of Sales Mastery.

I’m out of space here, but we’ll get more into what that is all about during the next few days.

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