Should I Have Been Planning My Funeral?

I remember the point where I was driven to tears. My wife and I were beyond terrified. There wasn't a word to describe how we felt that would give the magnitude of the situation justice. It was a heavy, overwhelming, SUCKY feeling. I was helpless.

I didn't know whether to give up and plan my funeral.

I'm glad I didn't.

ignore my business, and it suffered.

Here's what I did get to it back from scratch and make my business stronger than ever.

And in this video you'll learn how to do the same thing to bullet proof your business, or start from nothing and gain the world!

I realized money isn't everything when I lost almost everything. (But having money sure does help a lot. Here's how to get a lot of money.

Watch the video now because it won't be up for long.

(Warning, it's brutal)

- Josh

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