Some Friendly Competition...

I love competition. Whether it’s in sports or business, and especially when it’s against my friends – I just love to compete.

So when my good friend and team member, Jason Cupp, sent me a tweet about this weekend’s football game and a little contest, I couldn’t resist. Jason lives in Kansas City. I live In Cleveland, and you guessed it – the Kansas City Chiefs play The Cleveland Browns this weekend in the Cleveland home opener.

Since I can’t really control the outcome, and Cleveland sports are generally not something to put much faith into (see “The Drive” “The Fumble”, “The Shot” and this summer’s “The Decision”), we kept the stakes low.

If Jason loses, he’s treating me to some of the best Kansas City BBQ. If I lose, I’m going to take Jason to Melt Bar & Grill. Melt is a Cleveland restaurant that has every grilled cheese sandwich you could imagine. Either way, we eat some good food and have some fun.

When’s the last time you had some friendly competition amongst your team?


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