Still Have Questions About SIMS?

If you're one of the few who hasn't embraced and jumped onboard the SIMS 2.0 or SIMS Marketing Partnership (SMP) program, then there's obviously something holding you back.

Maybe you have doubts about the program. 

Maybe you have questions that you still need to have answered.

Maybe you aren't ready to lay down $2k or $4k today.  

All are valid reasons for not signing up yet, which is exactly why I just got an email from Greg letting me know that he's doing a special Q&A webinar tomorrow at NOON Eastern AND releasing a payment plan on that same webinar. 

Sign up here.

Don’t forget that when you buy SIMS, I’m throwing in some INCREDIBLE bonuses that will blow you away.

They will bring your real estate investing… and your lifestyle… to new a new level! I will give you the foundations of creating a real estate business from the ground up… a complete A – Z of how to succeed in real estate… and all you need to get on the fast track to creating a fortune in today’s real estate market. 

Believe me- you should sign up for SIMS because I've seen firsthand what it can do to transform businesses.

Greg and Jeff are excellent when it comes to marketing businesses (and anything else) online, and I've seen how SIMS can take a business and catapult it to major success in a short period of time. SREC is top notch when it comes to creating a successful real estate investing business. Together, you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE.

And with the SMP program, Greg's team is even going to take care of the legwork for you.  I'm telling you, this is a program that can take your business to heights that you didn't know were possible.

Get all the facts here.

So if you still have questions or were waiting to see if they opened up a payment plan option, the time is now.  

Greg will go over everything you need to know on tomorrow's NOON webinar (that's eastern time). 

Sign up here.

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