Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio: How to make $40k on a single home sale

You know what the #1 problem facing our community is? It's this: Most of the "other guys" who teach real estate investing ONLY made money back when it was hot, and they have no idea how to make money in today's market. When the market changed a few years ago, I was still making money hand over fist in the market, because what I do now will stay the same forever. And I'm still doing it now, because what I do NEVER CHANGES. Isn't that what you really want... something that works just as well right now as it will FIVE YEARS FROM NOW? That makes way more sense, doesn't it? I just put together a free podcast for you that shows exactly what I've been doing to virtually guarantee that I make $40,000 per deal (and I can do as many as I want, and so can you).


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