Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio: How to profit from commercial foreclosures

Did you know that we’re at the forefront of a tidal wave of commercial foreclosures? Roughly HALF of the $1.4 trillion in commercial loans in the market is currently upside down and the other half is coming due over the next 5 years. On this podcast, my guest Sal – or “Mr. Wall Street” – is going to reveal how you can make BIG profits in 2014 by taking advantage of this situation.

You see, Sal runs a New York-based hedge fund and is a “player” on the national level when it comes to providing loans for commercial deals (in the $1 million to $30 million range). And Sal is looking for people (like you) to bring him deals. Sal’s hedge fund will put up the money for these deals, so you don’t need any cash or credit to do this. And for each deal you bring Sal, you can profit in THREE different ways: Profit Method #1 – Immediate Cash You can make 1 point (or 1%) up front. On an average deal (of $5 million) that is $50,000 to you. Profit Method #2 – Ongoing Monthly Income You can make 2% interest every month (on the loan from Sal’s hedge fund to the borrower). On a $5 million loan that works out to $8,333 per month to you for one year! Profit Method #3 – Big Paydays Sal calls them “Equity Kickers” and through good negotiation you can get up to 10% equity when the loan is cashed out. On a $5 million loan, that works out to $1 million to YOU!

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