Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio: HUD Flipping Training - Master Class with John Cochran

[powerpress] In this special podcast training you will learn: How to scoop up these properties for as little as $18.47... in your own backyard. Why flipping H.U.D. homes is 100 times easier than flipping short sales. BACK TO BACK CLOSINGS ARE PERMITTED ACROSS THE U.S. and it's easy to do with none of your own cash or credit! How to make massive profit from HUD Properties across the country... regardless of where you personally live... and without even leaving your home! (It's easy once you get your hands on our secret weapon.) The foolproof system John uses to close 8-12 deals each month... while raking in up to $134,523.00. 8 ways to find a ravenous mob of buyers... so you can flip your properties in 7 days or less. Where to find funding for ALL your deals... even if you don't have two nickels to rub together. The loophole that allows you to do back-to-back closings... and the secret "Escape Clause" that allows you to blindly bid on properties without EVER taking any risk. John's priceless "Cheat Sheet" that automates all your calculations for you... and shows you exactly what to bid to ensure at least $5000-40K profit on each deal. How to trick HUD into feeding you an endless supply of properties at OBSCENE discounts... without your competition EVER finding out how you do it. Plus... see REAL PROOF of REAL CHECKS John and his students have cashed without putting up any of their own money.

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