Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio: Take control of Real Estate Buyers and be an Investing Authority

Listen: buyers tend to stomp all over investors and realtors. That’s because most agents are viewed as an “annoying necessity in the eyes of their buyers.However, I find it easy to work with buyers once I implement this simple step that positions me as an immediate  authority and a needed partner in the transaction. I explain this simple step in this short podcast.It’s only 17 minutes long but it could be a total game changer for you in Real Estate Investing.  In fact, I just explained this concept in a 2-hour meeting with my agents today. But I was happy to record this podcast for you, so you can implement this simple step for yourself, and so you can be the “go to” person in the buyer’s eyes. This is truly the “low hanging fruit” that every agent should be implementing, but most do not. When you do though, it makes every transaction a pleasant experience when the buyer sees you as a needed partner  and ally in the transaction.So if you want to resolve a huge amount of stress and anxiety when it comes to working with buyers, then you need to listen to this podcast. [powerpress] One more thing, if you thought this podcast was helpful, I’d appreciate it if you give it a 5-star review in iTunes.  You can also SUBSCRIBE so you can be the first to hear new episodes!   More coming up, so stay tuned! Soon you'll be an expert in Real Estate Investing!

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