Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio: The Automated Offer Formula

In this podcast, I’m going to reveal to you my “Automated Offer Formula” for Real Estate Investing. This podcast is going to BLOW THE ROOF on everything you thought you knew about getting deals in real estate… And when you listen to this podcast, you’ll see exactly how it’s possible to regularly generate $40k Flips. It's a case study on how I used my proprietary Automated Offer Formula on dozens of deals over the past 2 years. This is how I REALLY buy 3-6 houses a month for 30-40 cents on the dollar in great upper middle class neighborhoods. I walk you through step by step on how I use this proprietary formula to make an offer on multiple properties and bank a quick 40K in the process. This is something you can "cut and paste" into your own deals. I guarantee this podcast will make it easy for you to generate your own 40K flips.


What I reveal in this podcast goes "against the grain" of what you've probably learned about real estate. I've implemented this Automated Offer Formula many times to the tune of $7 million in profit over the past 10 years to the dismay of many of my competitors. I was able to do this in Cleveland, Ohio, one of the worst markets in the country. If this works in Cleveland, it will work anywhere. Go to for more info.

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