Superman to the Rescue, Again!

It seems Superman’s powers just can’t be stopped.

In his latest rescue, a family on the brink of foreclosure saved their home when they found a rare copy of Superman’s debut comic, Action Comics #1, in their basement. The family was packing up their home when they came across a stash of old magazines and comic books. They contacted a local comic book dealer to see what they could pawn. The dealer was hesitant at first, but saw it was the real deal after the family sent him a photo. The dealer then took the issue to Comic Con to be valued. It is expected to fetch upwards of $250,000 at auction at the end of August. So how does this help the family now? The co-owner of the comic book store presented the bank with information on previous rare edition auctions and proof of what this issue could bring – telling them, they’d have their money soon. Once again, Superman saves the day.

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