TAMPA, CLEVELAND, 125 Guru’s, 70 coaching students and 25 roller coasters

By: Josh Cantwell 

Yep you read that right, and my back is killing me!  You see, I have been on my feet for the past week and a half straight and my dogs (feet) are barking (hurting bad) plus I just dropped 4 Advils to cure my ailing lower back.  It’s bad.  Seriously bad.  Oh well.  Small price to pay because these past 10 days, I have been seriously taking care of business.

A week and a half ago I spent Wednesday and Thursday networking and making new relationships at The Winners Circle Summit in Tampa, Florida.  My good friend Roger Salam has put together one of the greatest networking groups on the PLANET.  Far and away the BEST in THIS country.

I was hanging out with dudes like Gary Boomershine from Sales Team Live, Tim Mai, Colin Egbert from Realestateinvestor.com, Richard Roop, Preston Ely from Probates by Preston, Dustin Matthews, Kathy Kennibrook, Paul Bauer, AJ Peudan, Jason Rodriquez, Bill Duquette, Jon Goldman from Lumpy Mail, and STEVEN frickin PIERCE – internet marketer extraordinaire - as well as a 115 other great real estate trainers and marketers.

We got together for one reason - to raise the bar for the benefit of our students and customers.  I know I accomplished my goal.  I got some crazy good ideas to bring back to my students…..and that’s exactly what I did.

So I jumped on a plane and flew home to Cleveland to my beautiful wife and new baby girl.

Here’s the thing.  I had to get right back up the next day and teach our highest level coaching students for 4 days.  The first two days were with our Diamond and Platinum groups and then we did 2 days with our Master’s Elite group.

Seriously, this Masters Elite group is crazy good.  These guys are closing between 3-6 short sales a month, many averaging $20k per deal. Some have made $100k per month, each month so far this year.  This is what it’s all about.

One of my students closed a short sale quick turn and made $130k this past Friday.  Then just Monday another student closed a short sale and made $80k while she was in Cleveland!
Once the event was over we closed the office and took our staff and some of our students who stayed over to CEDAR POINT.  What a blast!

So here’s my question.  Do you have a recent case study or deal closed to tell us about?  If you do, post it on the BLOG for all to see so we can congratulate you.

Check out these pictures.








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