Thanks to the “Original 15”

The past six years have been a complete blur. Let me tell you why.

Back in October 2003 I was frustrated, tired and feeling out of control. I was making great money in financial services, but was spending it as fast as I was making it.

So I quit my job as a financial planner –– cold turkey. I had no income and few assets. I was 26-years-old.

I wanted to pursue real estate investing full time and was burned out on financial planning. I decided to buy a course or two online and attended my first real estate seminar that November. When I was 23 I bought a rental property and was living in half and renting half so I already knew at a young age that I wanted to be in real estate somehow. I just didn’t know what to do.

For eight months – from Nov 2003 to July 2004 - I struggled trying to make money with real estate through books and tapes. For some reason I just couldn’t get it all together. I actually borrowed $60,000 dollars to fund my real estate business just hoping I could get it going.
Does that sound familiar? Maybe not the borrowing 60k thing but the rest of it?

Then in the summer 2004 I paid $12,000 for a six-month coaching program and started putting the business together. During the next four months my business partner, Greg Clement, and I made over $400,000 in real estate profits. We earned enough money to pay back a $60,000 loan we needed to open shop. We were finally over the hump.

For the next three years I worked hard and closed between five to eight deals almost every month. Although my success was new, I began mentoring a few local guys in Cleveland. When they made money and achieved success, I knew we had something that could make a difference for many people.

In July 2007 Greg and I held our first real estate investing event with over 100 attendees and sold out our coaching program on our first attempt. Twenty-five individuals joined our coaching program, each paying $12,000.

Today 15 of those 25 original students are still with me. They are the best of the best. They are some of the most successful investors in the country.

Many of them enjoy a life that most people only dream of. They enjoy the success that thousands of new real estate investors struggle to obtain. They have money, toys, free time; they take vacations, have solid families, and I consider them all to be close friends.
I want thank those students who have been with SREC since the beginning and helped us evolve and become better at what we do. Their response, suggestions, and support have been priceless.

Here are the names of those individuals whose commitment to me, Greg and SREC back in July 2007 have for us, made all the difference.

Michelle Apt and Dale Bjordhal
Chris Consol
Chris Gleize
John Grant & Jerry Ballard
Rogie Robinson
Charise Stone
Susanna Mardjuki
Jim and Stephanie McFadzean
Art and Sandy Farrington
Tammy Maffei
Steve Hall
Justin Sorg
Rick Scheffler
Mark Drewniak
Brianna Weaver

If you’d like to learn more about the success of these individuals, how you can achieve their level of real estate success or how you can participate in my One-on-One personal mentoring and consulting program, then visit

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