The Few... The Proud

After testing and tweaking his ideas for over 9 months, closing dozens of deals and making thousands on every deal with his new "Private Liquidations System", my friend Stacy Kellams has finally decided to release his private training to a few lucky investors. You could be one of them.

Stacy told me he consistently makes between $6,500 and $20,000+
on each one of these deals! He's closed as many as 5 in a single week. He's even closed some of these deals within 5 days of getting the lead. That's incredible.

Stacy wants you to partner with him on these "Private Liquidation Deals" in your area. They are pretty easy to find and there's almost no competition so closing "Private Liquidation Deals" is pretty easy.

Tonight at 8pm EST Stacy will be on training call with Greg to give you all the details.

Join us tonight at 8pm EST

Stacy, the inventor of "Private Liquidations," wants to coach you on exactly how to find and flip these deals and even partner with you on deals in your area. Now get this, he'll even give you 70% of the profits if you partner with him. I always thought Stacy was a smart guy. Giving up 70% might be the dumbest decision he's ever made. But he's promised to give up 70% to you so I'll just leave that alone. You can also do deals using his system and keep all the profits if you don't want to partner.

Just image if you made 70% of a $20,000 profit check. That's $14,000. Would that change you financial picture right now? Little extra money around the holidays never hurt right?

Register here to get all the details.

Stacy is an expert and the inventor of this system so partnering with him could help you close deals faster than if you worked them alone. I've personally partnered with Greg, Derek, Jason and a few other investors on over 250+ short sales, rehabs, wholesales and other deals in my area. Having a partner is great because if you get two smart people - you and Stacy- looking at the same deal it's easier to get it closed and get paid.

If you would like to learn how you can start cashing-in on Private
Liquidation deals and/or do these deals with Stacy you must
be on tonight's webinar.

Register for tonight's training call now



P.S. If you saw the video I sent you to a week ago you understand how "stealthy" Stacy is when it comes to finding deals no one else knows about. Be on the call to get all the details on how to find deals your competition can't.

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