The Foreclosure Academy Rolls On...

So much is going on here in Dallas at the Foreclosure Academy that I almost can't keep up!

Our second day was as exciting as the first, and filled with as much incredible information.

In the morning we had special guest speaker, Jerami King, talking about the ins and outs of loss mitigation. He went through, in detail, the information that lenders need to make this process go smoothly. Having the right information will make sure that your short sale package is accepted without any problems. Invaluable stuff!

One thing I really wanted to share with the group is how to set up systems in your own business so it runs on auto-pilot. It's about capitalizing on your time, doing the things you're best at and spending the most amount of time each day doing things that will make you money. That means cutting out unnecessary meetings, phone calls and time on email. That means setting up systems with your employees, and letting them do the things they're best at - freeing you up from getting too bogged down. These systems are vital to your success.

We spent a lot of time talking about successful BPOs, and some of our top coaches led the charge on that one. John Grant and Jason Grant are BPO kings, and they gave the group information that will make a difference immediately.

We rounded out the day with a VIP dinner and then a detailed look at OpenRoad. This morning we're back at it, and have another full day of information and experts on tap.

Wish you were here with us, but keep checking back here for updates!

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