The Official Rehabbing Profits Blueprint was Just Released. Go Get It.

I just finished putting up a new video that explains what “The Rehabbing Profits Blueprint” is all about. I just released it a few minutes ago.

Go watch the video.

~ Josh Cantwell

P.S. I have gotten some great feedback on the Rehabbing Profits blog. Here are your top concerns and my answers:

Q: “Aren’t you guys the short sale flipping guys?” – Deb K.

A: Yes and along with my short sale business I have completed over 25 major rehabs on REOs, FSBOs and short sales, and 100+ smaller renovation projects since 2003. I have multiple strategies to make money – not just one – you should too.

Q: “I can’t get the money to fund the deals. Hard money lenders won’t fund my deals” – Noel

A: Don’t use hard money lenders. Use private money. “The Rehabbing Profits Blueprint will show you how to find them, and I included a BONUS course called “Deal Lending Confidential” with it for fr*ee.

Q: “Money is tight” – Richard J

A: You don’t need money to do this. Plus the “Blueprint” itself is less than a cost of an expensive dinner. Check out the video to find out how.

Q: “I prefer the less messy versions of investing, like wholesaling” – Deb K

A: I have actually included a program called “The No Money Down Wholesaling Playbook” in with “The Rehabbing Profits Blueprint” as a bonus, plus 5 other training programs as bonuses that should pretty much cover everything you need.

Q: “I really don’t know how to price things out for rehabs.” – Jane Z.

A: I give you two tools to overcome this. One is a pricing guide that gives you a range of prices for major items and two is the “Hammerpoint” video that explains how to estimate repairs.

Q: “Why are you doing rehabs? I thought you were making money with short sale flips? Something changed in the market? Should I be looking at rehabs now?” – DON

A: See the first comment above from Deb K.

Q: “You should charge $500 - $1000 dollars for the blueprint.” – Mike M.

A: The program is available for way less than $500. Go watch the video and get it now.

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