Their Loss Could be Your Gain!

By Josh Cantwell:

Well, we're almost through processing all of the
paperwork from the launch and it looks as though
there may be a few more bonus packages opening

Unfortunately there were a few people who were
declined for financing, but their loss could be
your gain!

We're finalizing all of the numbers today, so
if you're still interested in coming to the World
Short Sale Main Event
and taking advantage of the
sweet bonuses, be sure to check back tomorrow.

I'll be letting you know for sure if some bonus
packages have opened up and how long the site will
be back up (if indeed we are able to put it back up).

You'll have to jump on it though, so opt in at to be notified if
any bonus package seats open up.
I'll send out an email
tomorrow titled "Bonus Packages Available", so keep
your eyes peeled. You can also check back to the blog
for more information.

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