They’ve Agreed On A Price, What Next?

Here you give the homeowner their options on selling to you. In many cases, you’ll want to take over their payments on financing. They might be hesitant about that, so be ready to help them overcome their doubts about you. You really shouldn’t have a hard time with this, though; if you handled your presentation well by establishing a trusting business relationship, targeting their emotional hot buttons, and providing necessary proof of credibility.

Describe to them why it’s in both your and their best interest for you to take over their payments. Explain the difference between owner-occupied financing options and non-owner occupied financing options. This helps keep the professional trust established and gives them peace of mind due to fully understanding the details of the contract.

Don’t hurry through the closing process. Keep the pace you’ve had throughout your entire presentation. Go over the contract with them, explaining everything that affects them thoroughly. Rushing through the closing to get them to sign off on the deal is sloppy and could scare them away.

Your professionalism, preparation, and presentation are crucial. The more proficient you are through those first steps, the better off you are when it comes time for closing the deal.

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