Tips for Investing in Real Estate

Investors who're reaping the advantages of the real estate market aren't just lucky or smarter than you. They are masters of their art. They have the right mind-set, the right knowledge, and the right skills.  There's nothing keeping you away from the abundance of the real estate market, but yourself. Everything they know, they learned - and you can too. Here are some tips to help you on your journey to becoming a skilled real estate entrepreneur:

  • Determine the part of town where properties sell fastest and where you get the highest amount of re-sells. These are flat-out your number one priority, always.
  • Divorcing couples are a great source of leads; you just have to know how to handle them. Do not rely on them communicating with each other. The last thing they want is to have any kind of contact with each other what so ever. You need to do it for them. Get them on the same level by helping them realize that you are taking a load off their shoulders. The faster they agree upon selling – the faster they will be free from one another.
  • When speaking to a prospect who keeps making excuses or objections when you are trying to set an appointment date, delay. Delaying gives them a bit more time to think and gives you a bit more time to persuade them that they would be making the wise choice in meeting with you. Deflect their resistance with an authoritative stance, without sounding too aggressive or pushy. Don’t sell on the phone, though. When on the phone your goal is solely to arrange appointments with qualified prospects.
  • Steer clear of ending up having to pay late mortgage payments after closing a deal by asking the client if they are current on their mortgage payments and can verify this.
  • If you get a call when you don’t have your scripts with you, kindly tell them you will call them back. It’s very important to always use your scripts, you have them for a reason. Don’t improvise.
  • If you have suspicion that a piece of property is not in good selling condition, set the appointment for a couple days ahead. This gives you time to drive by and have a look at the property. If you deem the house in inadequate condition to sell, you can cancel the appointment.
  • Preparation instills credibility and credibility increases closings. So, first and foremost, always prepare.

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