Tips for Your Approach Preparation: Real Estate

There are amazing deals and a lot of money to be had in the Real Estate market today. Homeowners everywhere want to turn to the right people to sell their homes and they need it fast. So, here are some tips to help you get those appointments and start reeling in the real estate money.

When you are handling inquiries on the phone you should mostly be asking them questions instead of making statements.

You want to keep control of the conversation. To do that you need to agree with the client. Agreeing creates positive, reinforcing conversation while disagreeing just causes tension and arguing.

When do you know a lead is worth pursuing? When they qualify. Simple as that.

You may not realize it, but your facial expression can be recognized through the phone. So, smile when having phone conversations with customers. It's free and makes you sound much more friendly and approachable to the client, thus increasing your appointment bookings with almost no effort at all.

Double-book appointments. You could go from having three or four meetings per week to triple that or more by double-booking your appointments.

Now this you might have never guessed. Stand up while you're talking. Yes, standing up fills you with powerful confidence and positive energy giving you an extra boost to close the deal or get that appointment.

Set appointments within an hour range. For example, instead of stating for an appointment to be at 2pm, say that it will be between 2pm and 3pm. This simple method will keep you from being late to your appointments. Try to arrive at 2, but now you have an hour of lee-way just in case.

Also, a fun and interesting thing you can do is record some of your sales calls with an inexpensive tape recorder. Play it back and listen to yourself every once in a while. Listening to your conversations you can be a judge of your own technique. Would you buy from yourself? Your confidence will sky-rocket when you find your strong points and pointing out your areas of weakness will help you improve your scripts and effectiveness.

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