Tips to Make Your House Stand Out to Buyers

If you’re trying to sell a house on the retail market, you’re likely up against a lot of competition.

So, what’s it going to take to get the attention of buyers? You need to make your house stand out from any other on the market. We’ve heard the statistics and know what we’re facing – sluggish sales of new homes, and plunging sales of existing homes. But, that doesn’t mean you have to give up. There’s things that you can do to make your house as attractive to buyers as possible, including the following:

  1. Price competitively – research similar homes in your area that are for sale and set your asking price as competitively as possible. Buyers won’t want to haggle if they can get a comparable house down the street for less money.
  2. “We’re Not in Foreclosure!” – making it known that you’re a traditional seller means your house is probably in better condition than ones in foreclosure – things are being maintained and the lawn is being mowed. Sellers can also offer little perks like credit towards closing costs.
  3. Best foot forward – curb appeal matters. Showcase the property as best you can inside and out.
  4. Professional photos – consider hiring a professional photographer to spotlight the best features of the house, in photos and video.
  5. Consider renting – renting or leasing can be a great alternative in a tough market.

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