*Tonight’s Free Training* few seats remain

I’m really excited about tonight’s Champion’s
of the Short Sale II training webinar.

If you haven’t reserved your seat, I suggest
you do it right now…


Since we announced the call on Sunday we’ve been
flooded with questions on exactly how we create
MULTIPLE *five-figure paydays* each and every
month. (It's easier than you think.)

Tonight my guest and SREC coaching student,
Sergio DeCesare, reveal our *Six-Figure* Negotiation
and Selling Secrets, as well as show you his real
examples and case studies of deals he’s recently

We’ll show you how to do it too.

Sergio’s been a SREC student for the last two
years and has closed over 40 deals since. Today
he negotiates over 20 to 50 "cherry picked" short
sales at any given time. Tonight, he’ll show you
how to do it without going crazy and tearing you
hair out.

The call is tonight Tuesday, November 17th, at 9
pm Eastern. (6 pm Pacific)

You can register at this link:

Josh Cantwell.
P.S. You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s
call. At the end I am opening up a very limited
number of spots for my high-end mentoring and 2-day
one-on-one consulting sessions. Acceptance in to
these programs is application only and reserved for
the most serious players.

I’ll give you the details on tonight’s call:

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