Top 15 Pieces of Advice for Success: Invaluable Advice from our SREC Coaching Students

This morning at the end of our VIP breakfast, I asked everyone to gather in the front of the room with me. I wanted to spend a few minutes, before we got going with our general session and opened the doors to all attendees, sharing advice and words of encouragement.

Let me back up for a second – I invited our current coaching students at every level, and any newcomers who applied to join our coaching program – to a special breakfast with me and the coaches. It’s a time for us to concentrate on building relationships and reinforcing our commitment to your success.

So back to our gathering. I asked our Master’s Elite and Maverick Master’s Coaching Students to each share one or two nuggets of advice – something that they wish they knew when they were just getting starting in their business, and something that they think is invaluable to their success. I am glad I jotted these ideas because together they really do represent a path to success.

  1. Time-block 2 hours every day for marketing. Marketing drives leads, leads drive profits.
  2. Get on all the SREC calls and Webinars you can – just listen and learn.
  3. Take advantage of the information on the SREC Members Web site – it’s full of information that will help you in your business. Go in and refresh, review and learn.
  4. Establish systems for your business. Once you set up systems, the rest falls into place.
  5. Reserve time to sit down with your business partners and strategize for your business.
  6. Have a vision for where you want your business to go, and have reasons why you have that vision.
  7. Get the list and then get the business.
  8. Pull the trigger… don’t delay or make excuses.
  9. “Can you do the deal?” ABSOLUTELY. Have the confidence to do the deal and learn as you go.
  10. Take advantage of the resources available and around you and be a resource for others.
  11. Have an accountability partner.
  12. Network! Support each other, make sure you’re all on the same page, talk to each other and team up.
  13. Always be moving forward and do thing that will move you and your business forward.
  14. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  15. Control your inner voice – get out of your comfort zone. The only person judging you is YOU. Make thinking of how others think of you less important.

All these things together are things that make the SREC family strong. We expect a lot out of our coaching students, no matter what level. BUT, we’re going to make sure you have the equipment and the tools you need to be the most successful investor and individual that you can be.

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