Two Very Special Announcements!

Champions of the Short Sale Training Series and World Short Sale Main Event
Announcement #1: Champions of the Short Sale Free Training Series

Earlier this year I held a 5-part webinar training series called “The Champions of The Short Sale”.

On those calls my top students, coaches, Jeff Watson and I revealed our most powerful strategies for making short sales work in today's real estate market. That was back in March. Things have changed since then.

I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from that series I've decided to do it again.

Tomorrow night join me live on our first kick-off training call for the “Champions of the Short Sale: Part II”.
The call will start promptly at 9:00 pm Eastern, 6:00 pm Pacific tomorrow night (November 3rd).
Register here. Space is limited...

My guest will be my partner, personal attorney and nation's leading expert on quick turning short sales, Jeff Watson.
On the call Jeff and I will reveal five profound items:
1) Never talked about before, *Brand Spanking New* short sale contracts and addendums. This is Brand New stuff we have never taught before. These contracts, forms and addendums will allow you to easily overcome realtor objections about the option contract.

2) “It’s not always about the flip”- Flipping for income and holding for equity and appreciation is the tried and true way to get wealthy with real estate. If all you are doing is flipping then all you have is a job and a 50% partner in your deals – “Government Taxes”. We’ll show you how to set up your deals so you can exit out of the each deal multiple ways and shelter your profits from taxes.

3) We will show you how to get all the money you’ll ever need to fund your deals regardless of your exit strategy. -flip, 2-90 day hold and flip, long term hold and rehabs.

4) You’ll discover how to close your deals and satisfy and “Red Flags” that the lenders and title companies raise (for either single closings for buy and holds or back to back closings for quick- turns)

5) I will also release info on our newest live training event. Just under two years ago we held a groundbreaking and industry shocking event called the World Short Sale Main Event. We’re doing it again. Be first to get all the details.
Register here. Space is limited...
Click here

Announcement #2 - The World Short Sale Main Event Part II
I just opened the doors to my next live event that Jeff Watson and I will be hosting Jan 28 – 30th in Scottsdale Arizona.

Click the link below to get the details and register.

Traditionally, our live events are exclusively limited to our coaching students.

In fact, just under two years ago we held our last "public" event called the World Short Sale Main Event and it sold out weeks in advanced.

We're doing a “public” event for the first time in 18 months

This time we're presenting brand new information concerning the latest short sale laws, contracts, addendums, realtor referrals, loss mitigation, funding, REO’s, title companies, closings and other information NEVER REVEALED anywhere else about making money in foreclosures and short sale investing.

Join me, my partner Jeff Watson and our entire team of coaches January 28, 29 and 30 in Scottsdate, AZ.

You can get all the details here...

See you in Scottsdale.
Josh Cantwell

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