Unannounced BONUS

The response to the Sales Mastery for Short Sales Program has been positively overwhelming… www.SalesMasteryForShortSales.com If you haven’t claimed one of the last remaining spots to get exclusive personal access and sales training from Dan and myself I highly suggest you do so right now. I predict we’ll be SOLD OUT by tonight. I’ve made no secret that this is an ADVANCED program for SERIOUS real estate investors . But I got to thinking about the many new investors who could really use this training. You see, GREAT deals are everywhere right now if you know how to find them. It’s a buyer’s paradise and if you don’t take FULL advantage of today’s market you’re going to be kicking yourself later. With that said, I’ve decided to include a special UNANNOUNCED BONUS for everyone who claims one of the 50 spots in the program to fill their funnels with HIGH QUALITY leads WITHOUT PAYING a single cent for marketing. If you act before the last remaining spots are gone I’ll give you access to my highly acclaimed “Short Sale Referral Magnet” home study course. (In digital format so you can get started right away .) This is a $797 value and it’s your gift from me just for giving the Sales Mastery for Short Sales program an honest try. This is the perfect way for ANYBODY (even a brand new rank rookie investor) to start getting massive floods of seller leads in to their real estate investing business starting from scratch and without risking a dime on marketing. You can then use the strategies you will learn in the 4-week Sales Mastery for Short Sales coaching program to set more appointments, close more deals, AND MAKE MORE MONEY right out the gate FASTER than you could ever starting out on your own. The best part is, with our money back guarantee you have a full 30-days to complete the program, implement our strategies, and see if it’s right for you before making a final decision. Dan and I have made this a 100% ZERO RISK decision on your part. So to be one of the lucky few to claim one of the last remaining spots in this program I highly suggest you visit the website before, get more details and take action right now! www.SalesMasteryForShortSales.com Talk soon, Josh Cantwell P.S. There’s no doubt in my mind the last remaining spots will be gone in just a few hours. P.P.S. Remember, Dan and I will TRAIN your ENTIRE team. You can have everyone involved in your business join you on these calls to learn how to close more deals and increase your profits. Get the details… www.SalesMasteryForShortSales.com P.P.P.S. Existing SREC coaching students get additional discounts. Check your emails for coupon codes.

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