Urgent News

By: Josh Cantwell

It's been crazy around here today.  Literally the entire office is running around in mass chaos.  We're trying to answer questions one by one and get ready for the big day tomorrow.
Tomorrow you have an opportunity to be a part of real estate investing history...
OK, here's the deal.  Next month (late September) we're going to start selling our home study course called the "Short Sale Success Blueprint."  It's loaded with 5 books, over 9 DVD's and Cd's and multiple mindmaps outlining a true "systems" business. 

It's similiar to a mini-franchise in a box. 

The price is going to be a little less than a thousand bucks, probably $995.
We've also started a NEW coaching program called the "Short Sale Success University."  It's $10,000 per year. 

It's packed with Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced short sale techniques and delivered to you 4 different ways (watch the video tomorrow). 

For an EXTREMELY limited time, starting tomorrow at NOON EST, we're doing something so crazy and out there... and directly for your benefit.
We're giving away the $995 course (Short Sale Success Blueprint) for FR:EE and giving you the Coaching Program (Short Sale Success University) for next to nothing.
We're doing it for one reason and one reason ONLY. 

Our coaching students, almost every single one of them, are experiencing tremendous success since they've been working with us. 

Their lives have changed totally. 

Their finances have never been better.  Their businesses are running like well-olied machines (even in this supposedly crappy market). 

They are making more money and have more time to do the important things, like travel the world, than ever before.
We think your BEST chance of success is by participating in a similiar program, so there you go... That's the reason. 

It's all designed for you to achieve the success you want. 

This isn't about us.

Trust me, you'll know after a month in the program if it's right for you.  If it's not just let us know, but if it is - then watch out because your life is about to change in a BIG way.

So tomorrow, Thursday 8/28 at 12 NOON EST, click here...

Short Sale Success Blueprint

It's going to sell out for sure, so don't hestitate on this!

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